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Service package includes:

  • Exceptional and stylish limousine ready for your occasions;
  • Authentic London Cab details: taxi top lamp, intercom and a partition separating the driver from the passengers;
  • Wide opening doors;
  • High inside ceilings;
  • Spacious leather interior;
  • 5 seats (passengers may sit facing each other);
  • Air-conditioner;
  • A courteous driver;
  • Fuel;
  • Chosen decorations;
  • The music you like for special atmosphere;

* - audio equipment for communication between the driver and the passengers;


    For weddings and christenings

    London Cab is an elegant choice for your special occasions.

    London Cab rent for weddings and christenings:

    - Unique in Lithuania;
    - An authentic accessory for memorable moments in the photos;
    - Classic spacious black limousine;

    London cab - unique in its style, a classic limousine, which is considered to be the most authentic taxi car in the world, will be a solid and charming accessory for your family celebrations.

    London Cab is well appreciated both by the admirers of exceptional taxi services and by the enthusiasts looking for authentic historical car models.

    London Cab distinguishes by its authentic design, spacious interior, where the driver and the passengers are separated by a special partition, creating privacy for the passengers inside the car.

    London Cab can be rented all over Lithuania.