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Service package includes:

  • Exceptional and stylish limousine ready for your occasions;
  • Authentic London Cab details: taxi top lamp, intercom and a partition separating the driver from the passengers;
  • Wide opening doors;
  • High inside ceilings;
  • Spacious leather interior;
  • 5 seats (passengers may sit facing each other);
  • Air-conditioner;
  • A courteous driver;
  • Fuel;
  • The music you like for special atmosphere;

* - audio equipment for communication between the driver and the passengers;

For Business. For Your guests

London Cab is a great idea if you wish your guests would always remember your exceptional hospitality and you did not have to bother about the quality of services.

Recognizable from far away, London Cab limousine and a courteous driver speaking Lithuanian, Russian and English will:

- meet your guest (by the office, conference center, hotel or airport);
- drive your guest to a desired airport in Lithuania and neighboring countries;
- drive any route you might think of.

London Cab for business meetings

For already more than 60 years driving in the streets of London, our latest model London Cab, conforms to the highest standards and can be a good idea and a convenient space for your business meeting. Together we can design a route, while during the ride you and your guests can share ideas, discuss serious issues or you can just show your town around. London Cab is convenient for communication, since the passengers may sit in front of each other and can enjoy the privacy of the meeting, while being separated from the driver.

London Cab is well appreciated both by the admirers of exceptional taxi services and by the enthusiasts looking for authentic historical car models.

London Cab can be rented all over Lithuania.

Long term rental contracts are available.



Package includes:

Vehicle of exclusive style;

Authentic London Cab car parts: taxi lamp, intercom * and a partition separating the driver from the passengers;
Wide opening side doors;
High interior ceilings;
Spacious leather upholstery;
5 seats (passengers sitting alone in front of the other);
Air Conditioning;
Courteous and orderly drivers;
Large luggage compartment;

* - Audio equipment for passenger and driver communication.